Saturday, February 15, 2014

Warm and Cozy for those Cold Winter Days: Boot Leggings

     Who is ready for the winter to be over? In Iowa, this winter season has been one of the coldest recorded since 2008. The challenge many encounter is finding something warm enough to keep the cold out while walking to class or simply being outside. This is also around the time that many stores bring out new spring merchandise, so there is a limited selection of winter apparel. You are in luck! In the next few posts,  I will show you how to upcycle your old sweater or one from Goodwill (they have a great selection and very reasonable prices) into a pair of boot leggings, an infinity scarf, and a pair of mittens, all with little or no sewing.

Boot Leggings

Supplies you need:
Sweater- a large or extra-large preferably if you are making it for yourself. If making it for a child, you will want a smaller sweater to use.
Sewing Needle

    1) Select a large or extra-large sweater if possible, so you will have more fabric to work with. It can vary in density from thin to very thick depending on your preference of warmth. You can find some nice sweaters at Goodwill for a few dollars or use one from your family that is too small for you.

2) Lay the sweater out flat on a hard surface. The sleeves will be used for the leggings, as they are of similar shape to your lower leg.

3) Figure out how long you want your leggings and how much you want them to show over the top of your boot. I have a pair of boots that fall just below the knee and I wanted to have a few inches peek over the top.

4) Cut just above the shoulder seam to remove the sleeves. This will be the top of the legging and this is what it looks like after it is cut.

5) The next step is to hem the top of the legging, so what you will do is fold under about 1/2 inch all the way around and pin it as you go to hold it in place. After it is pinned, go ahead and thread a needle and start sewing it. In order to sew it by hand, take a little bite of the bottom layer and a little bite from the top layer and pull through. Take the pins out as you go. Repeat the sewing process until you are all the way around. 

6) The final step is to try your leggings on with your boots and you are done! You can add a variety of decorations along the top of your legging, such as lace, buttons, etc. The completed look!

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