Sunday, February 23, 2014

From Fabric Scraps to Fabric Beads

 I came across this tutorial while reading my Threads magazine and decided to try it out! A great upcycling project in which you can use leftover fabric or scraps from different projects to create your own unique fabric beads in a variety of sizes. The beads can then be used to create a bracelet or necklace, which depending on the type of fabric can be worn with dressy or casual outfits. Watch my video tutorial of which I will walk through the completion of a fabric bead. I decided to combine my beads with pearl beads and will post a picture soon. Please feel free to comment on my post to let me know what you think and share it with your friends!


  1. Oh, I love this idea! I have a lot of scrap fabric yet ;-)

  2. Thanks! I think you should try this idea with the fabric scraps you used on your patchwork pouf. I think you could make some really cool beads with that. You could make a necklace of all fabric beads and layer it with other necklaces you have varying in length to create a unique look or you can incorporate other beads and chains into one necklace. I can't wait to try your idea- I love sewing and have just gotten into quilting.