Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My background with sustainable fashion and Upcycling.

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog!
   My name is Megan and I am senior Marketing student at the University of Northern Iowa. This semester, as an Advertising emphasis, I am taking a course called Digital Media and Advertising, where we are learning how to build a personal brand. We have the opportunity to write about a topic we are passionate about and will learn how to promote and market our brands through the use of social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Pintrest, and LinkedIn. Over the next 12 weeks, we will be using Google Analytics to measure the traffic we drive to our blogs and the following we generate.

    My brand statement is:  I am fashionably green interested in sustainable fashion, because I enjoy upcycling clothing and accessories to develop a "signature look."
    My involvement in 4-H and participating in the Sewing and Fashion Revue categories each year really sparked my interest in fashion. Sewing allows me the opportunity to combine different design features, fabrics, and techniques to create a garment that expresses my personality and unique style. In the past few years, I have really grown an interest in sustainability and how to get the most wear out of clothing. I have also found many unique ways to refashion or UPCYCLE clothing, for example, taking a solid colored t-shirt and spray painting it, transforming an old t-shirt into a scarf, or using buttons to make a necklace.
   When you upcycle, not only do you have the option to make it uniquely yours, but you will also be saving the clothing and other accessories from being thrown out and potentially ending up in the landfills. It's not just about refashioning your clothing, but keeping the environment in your mind when making everyday decisions, such as when shopping for clothing, selecting and using everyday products, and when getting from place to place.
   This blog will feature how-to videos and step-by-step tutorials for recreating clothing and accessories, ideas on how to cut your costs and extend the life of your clothes, the craze about sustainable fashion throughout the world, and so much more. Also, if there is a craft or idea that you have seen on Pintrest or would like to see a video or step-by-step tutorial on, please let me know! I am also open to write about any sustainability topics you would like to know more about.
   Please feel free to follow me on my other social media sites, comment on my posts to let me know how I am doing, and share with friends! Thanks! Weekly posts to come. :)

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